Golarion - My Dimension

Session 2 - Suicide? A little SandBox that might lead to a Lumberjack Labor Union.

Who was there: GM BellaDonna Garth Hunter Lotus Flower

Gametime: 1500-1530, 1930-2100

Game Highlights

-While going through their new treasure stash the pair finds 2 unmarked flasks.
-BellaDonna decides to drink the second flask without any premonition.
-The flask is filled with acid and BellaDonna dies a horribly slow and painful death. Garth could not save her.

-Lotus Flower was on his morning jog past a local siege tower when a young girl lands with a large force having fallen from the top of the tower.
-Lotus Flower investigates this cruel action and finds Garth cleaning up an unfortunate event.
-The two band together and leave for the nearest town. Along the way Lotus Flower explains to Garth that he is investigating(because he has a thirst for knowledge and a desire to spread love and freedom, not because he is being paid by anyone) the Lumber Consortium because he feels they may be suppressing their workers into horrible conditions.

-Upon reaching Falcon’s Hallow it seems right away that Lotus Flower must be right. The town is run ragged, it is almost completely devoid of people during the daylight hours.
-Garth goes to the nearest trading post and almost get’s ripped off by an unsavory fellow charging ridiculous prices and asking for pennies on the dollar for top notch gear.
-Garth then decides to rid himself of some of his newest treasure(1500 copper pieces) and searches the nearest resident in the most run down part of town.
-The duo starts going door to door going into houses and looking for the first person that is at home. They find a sickly woman and help her get her medicine before dumping the bag of excess copper at her bedside and walking out.(trespassing with the intent to distribute!)

-Garth and Lotus Flower decide to look further into the Lumber Consortium and get directions to it’s base headquarters. The following day they head out behind a train of wagons presumably the workers for the lumberyard.
-Upon showing up at the main Lumber base, Lotus Flower is disheartened by the destruction and lack of care the Consortium seems to have for nature, and life in general. They get in the way of quite a few workers as they go about their daily business but eventually find the main building they are looking for.

-They at least knock once this time before entering, and immediately go to snooping around. They find a council room(think city council) and after doing some digging around come accross two lock drawers. Busting the locks on the drawers isn’t a hard thing for the two strong-armed men and inside Lotus Flower finds evidence of neglect and misconduct by the Lumber Consortium. There are pages and pages of complaints filed by workers and in the second drawer there is a stack of already “taken care of” complaints. Most of which are stamped “ignored”.

-At this point they are spotted rummaging around and Garth decides to take his leave. Lotus Flower on the other hand continues his search for answers and comes across a door labeled “Foremen”. It is locked, but Lotus Flower lowers his shoulder and busts through the doors locking mechanism. He stands in a room with 2 men seated at desks and makes a scene about how they will answer for these complaints. The two men seem trully suprised by the abruptness of Lotus Flowers compaints and tell him all complaints can be brought up on “Thursdays” during open council.

-Lotus Flower warns they have not seen the last of him and storms out of the room. Meanwhile the lady who spotted Lotus Flower and Garth rummaging through the council drawers has returned with a Consortium “strong-man” who roughly grabs Lotus Flower as he attempts to leave the building. Lotus Flower calms the situation and narrowly escapes unscathed.

-Garth on the other hand is looking for an “in” with the Lumber Consortium, perhaps a job as a lumberjack…



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