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WillowSpring Whisky

Not the latest thing, the genuine thing. WillowSprings… Golarian’s most blessed whisky


I am Trixem L. WillowSpring and at the WillowSprings distillery in Varisia we embrace a rich tradition of whisky-making that spans six generations. In fact, we’re so proud of our family heritage we’ve developed a team of Ambassadors to travel the world educating folks on the finer points of WillowSprings Whisky®. WillowSprings is one of the few brands to credit Mother Nature and the touch of blessed Desna for such a unique whisky taste. That’s because we use pure, iron-free limestone spring water from our Sacred Druid protected Willow grove exclusively. Not city, town, well or river water. Our source is a 15-acre limestone spring-fed lake at the base of Kodar Mountains or what we in the family refer to as “Happy Hollow”.—- A while back, my great grandfather and my great, great grandfather couldn’t agree on what direction to take the company. After five generations of keeping things simple, things started to fail. It just wasn’t working. Consequently, the distillery was losing profits and going down hill.

It was 25 years later when my father took over the failing business and after much experimentation, father made his first batch with a new grain formula, which eliminated Rye, replacing it with red winter wheat from Irrisen as the flavor grain. There was a lot of trial and error and we ate a lot of porridge during this time. But Dads new brand: “Worlds Roof – Export” a simgle barrel malt was fantastic. The blessed soil, the barley and red winter wheat, the fresh mountain air and the marvelously soft water that the Kodar mountins imparts to Worlds Roof single malt whisky leaves it with a “Rich and Flavoursome roundness,” which has earned this unique spirit the Golarion International Wine and Spirits Competition Gold Medal for the world’s best single malt.

Mom always had a special knack for marketing our whisky. She was a fan of southern glass from Cheliax which were known for its clarityand she added her own artwork of the WillowSprings grove… Hence our name. But to truly embrace the name, she felt that we needed our own special mark. This led her to the Desna symbol, to bring luck to those who enjoy our special brand of whisky blessed by druids of Desna herself.
- Our company made its first profit. Nearly one thousand gold – but that’s only because my father wasn’t accepting a salary.
- My Father decided that I not my half brother, was to become president. His only advice – “Don’t screw up the whisky.” Thanks Dad.

After 10 years of industry experience, I decided to take on the challenge of developing an international reputation for WillowSprings whisky and became an Abassador to other nations, spreading the name of our unique brand of whisky.

Trixem did not screw up the whisky but he was a notorious ladies man and a rake among women and being a well off business owner attracted a certain type of ladies… so he was dipping into the business funds to support his life style during his travels as an abassador. It was not long before dear old dad discovered his pilferings. He was out on his own… cut from the family and all funds and assets frozen.

Dad told Mom… he has lessons to learn and the only way is the hard way.

Trixem WhipShire WillowSpring

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