Balenar Forsend - *Deceased*

"Pathfinder" scout, prisoner of the tower, died valiantly to an albino crocodile's death roll.


He seemed in high spirits upon seeing the PC’s. He talked highly of his “Pathfinder” status, and his job at scouting the tower. His equipment was high quality and they fit him perfectly. His facial hair was long and unkempt, but due to his being held captive one could assume he preferred to be short and well taken care of. In the short time the PC’s knew him, he seemed skilled and adept at adventuring.


Balenar was found imprisoned on level 4 of the Siege Tower. He seemed very optimistic after being released by the PC’s and given back his gear(most of it). He seemed very concerned about his lost compass, but was eager to help kill the denizens of the tower. He seemed proficient with his missile fire(from his short bow) in a fight against a giant frog, before being the unlucky victim of an albino crocodile’s death roll. He was not able to be saved by his new companions.

Balenar Forsend - *Deceased*

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